What is this site all about?

Collective comedy. Humor has great power and even though you can make yourself laugh there is something really cool about how it works in the social dynamic. This site lets you post humorous stuff and have others react to it. Or not. Park of the idea here is to see ho people work as a social community in regards to things that some think are funny. For this reason you can say just about anything you want here. The only thing is it has to be funny.

No yard sale posts. No political rants. No clickbait. Unless it is funny.

Get it?

Here are a couple of guidelines to help you know post and find what you are looking for.

  • Set Up: This is for the beginning of a joke, the set up. Others (or yourself) can reply with the punchline or punchlines.
  • Punchline: this is just the opposite. A punchline that needs the set up.
  • One-liners: Jokes in and of themselves. But perhaps asking for a response or add-on from others.
  • Hoary Wordknocker Spretzel: This category was inspired by a facebook group of the same name. Do you ever just have a funny miss-mash of words or twist of the tongue that comes to mind? Here is where it goes.

Thanks and enjoy.